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Sakae - Japan's fine Kanzashi creator

As Kanzashi is a very sensitive product, it is sold only in Japan through Yahoo! auction. There are plans to sell abroad, so please check Sakae's facebook - http://www.facebook.com/KanzashiSakae.fanfan
- for the announcement.


Q: What is Kanzashi?
A: Kansashi is traditional hair decoration stick to complement ornate Kimono styling.

Q: What is different about Sakae's Kanzashi?
A: With my Kanzashi, one can literally wear beams of light. It's like those images in one's dream where everything is shining from within. Also, it is more real than real flowers - as real as anyone can imagine. Everybody's imaginary beautiful flower is the source of my creativity.

Q: What is it made of?
A: It is made from wire and resin, commonly called "Dip flower". My Kanzashi elaborates on dip flower with original coloring methods.

Q: What is Kimono?
A: Please look up Wikipedia on Kimono :)

If you want to have any inquiries to us, please feel free to send your messages to the following address :

Flickr ▶http://www.flickr.com/

Twitter ▶http://twitter.com/sakae_e
Pinterest ▶http://www.pinterest.com/kanzashisakae



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